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Roll down Storm Shutters

Roller Guard Shutters™ are precision engineered to provide protection in a variety of applications. All components are selected for strength, durability, and ease of maintenance. After Roller Guard Shutters™ are installed, you are in control of the outside environment. Simply roll down the shutter from inside your home and you are protected from intruders, severe weather conditions, noise, inquisitive neighbors, sunlight, and heat and cold.


Roller Guard Shutters™are designed to protect your property using the finest materials available. In addition, Roller Guard Shutters™ enhance the value of your property by providing additional living space on balconies and patios.

Roller Guard Shutters™ can be installed anytime, including during construction. New home construction can incorporate shutters into the walls and make the shutters virtually invisible.

Roller Guard Shutters™ are built using the finest quality components available. Several innovative design features allow for heavy-duty construction and severe coastal weather durability.

A non-corrosive, heavy-duty, extruded aluminum roller bar is used to increase product life and performance. As an optional feature, Roller Guard Shutters ™ utilize the latest electronic controls.