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Accordion Storm Shutters

Viking Shutters™ are the best value of any accordion shutter available. Viking Shutters™ have incorporated many innovative design features that assure you they are industrial grade strong and will last for years and years. In addition, because of the unique blade design, Viking Shutters™ stack tighter than any other shutter in the industry. The tighter the stack, the more view you will have from your balcony.

Accordion Storm Shutters_All Guard

The benefits of the BERTHA HV & HD :

Improved fit & appearance. The BERTHA HV and HD allows you to fit every common window size without waste or extra materials. The appearance is improved by the consistency of the correlation between the standard window openings and the shutters. Each and every standard window opening will have the same uniform appearance. This is a very critical issue to the homeowner. This will reduce wasted materials per unit as much as 5-10%.

Improved Stacking. The BERTHA HV stacks in about 30% less space than most systems and utilizes a lower profile center mate.

Fastest Installation Time. The BERTHA HV utilizes a direct mounting system for side closures; this eliminates side angles all together. No fasteners to the building and no fasteners connecting the starter strip to the angle. The installation does not require locking rods or locking rod holes to be drilled. You would simply install the header and sill, insert and connect the accordion stacks and you’re finished. The accordion installation time would be comparable to installing storm panels.

Operation. The operation process is time efficient for a fast preparation for any last minute storm arrival. They are suitable for any elderly person who may have to operate the system by themselves. The system is operable from inside or outside. Approximate time for close and open is 2-3 minutes per opening with 1 person.

Improved Tolerances. The BERTHA HV has a larger hinge point or knuckle to allow for increased tolerances between the components. This will increase the speed of assembling the product and reduce the number of damaged or rejected components. Less rejected components means less wasted time in the assemble process as well as less material returned to the supplier.

Increased Strength. The combination of deeper corrugation, larger hinge points and pin diameter dramatically increases the overall strength of the system. That has allowed us to decrease the amount of material or weight per square foot and still maintain equal or increased strength throughout the system.

Increased Performance. The increased levels of performance will allow you to install taller Accordion shutters, or install accordion shutters in areas of the building that demand higher pressures. You can now install shutters in situations that you may have had to install a stronger, more expensive system. During testing our tallest specimens had a blade span of 192″, for a finished shutter height of 16″-3″!

Available Colors. White, Beige, Bronze, and Ivory.